GLOBAL TAX & FINANCE SOLUTIONS "Ingenuity with Integrity"


Founded by a 
former Wall Street insider, who established his strong financial foundation with an elite institutional 
retirement planning 
 group in Chicago's Financial District (ranked as one of the top-ten best asset management groups in the United States and in the State of Illinois, Barron's- 2011), o
ur organization was born in response of solving three problems prevalent among top Wall-Street and high-profile investment firms affecting clients/investors
  • Conflict of interests between advisers and investors/clients  
  • Lack of access to intellectual resources, top-notch advisers, and client account attention for investors/clients not meeting certain account minimums or net-worth thresholds
  • Lack of transparency from advisers in their strategies and fees


Our organization was born for 
a much
 higher calling than solely being a world-leading financial and tax consulting firm and 
solving critical shortcomings by Wall Street for our clients: we were ultimately created for being
 good stewards of this earth and all of its people. 

It is this unique, separating principle that guides our high-degree of ethics in our financial recommendations to our clients, as well as, our commitment of social responsibility to our communities through our sharing 
of profits and volunteer work to
charities and non-profit organizations

As a result of our high-standard corporate governance, our valued clients become collaborators with us in creating a one-of-a-kind legacy, in which the real beneficiaries stretch beyond our clients and our organization-- the entire world.  


Our possession of such world-leading 
financial expertise and 
revered philosophy, governing 
our organization and strategies,
 puts our firm and our advisers in a remarkably unique and privileged advantage over any firm to 
 provide our clients with:
  • Trust & Integrity as Fiduciaries: 
    • As fiduciaries, our advisers will always act in our clients' best interests in every financial recommendation and transaction, plan and/or strategy, irregardless of account size 
  • Top-World Tactical Strategies: 
    • Our chief strategist is an "outside-the-box" global-thinker, making necessary prudent changes at any given time, in order to stay ahead of an ever-evolving financial world  
  • Transparency to our clients:
    • Our advisers take the time to educate our clients of the strategies utilized and the fees associated, if applicable, to assure our clients' full comprehension of their plan(s)  


Our company's founder Fernando Gonzalez grew up in Chicago's northwest suburb of Schaumburg. Growing up in a faith-based home and seeing the hard-work and sacrifice poured out by his parents and family, education was highly esteemed, as well as, the "Golden Rule": "loving thy neighbor as thyself".  

Gonzalez' passion of applied mathematics in conjunction with helping others was found in the professional field of finance and accounting. Gonzalez' academic, and professional training and practice, spanning over 12-years cumulatively, working among the best Wall Street Investment firms, has allowed him the highest privilege of possessing key financial insight and experience solving complex financial and tax problems and scenarios for world-leading private and governmental institutions and high net-worth individuals. Gonzalez understands, more than most, the high-degree of importance for any organization's and individual's financial survival and success of having the right, leading advisers and counsel on the team.  

As a result, Gonzalez' vision is bringing organizations and individuals, of any size and net-worth, access to trusted, top-notch advisers and strategies at competitive fees, because no organization or individual should be priced out or  be critically under-served of world-leading expert advise and strategies, affecting such critical element in the life of any organization and individual: their "bottom-line" and money. 


Commencing business school on a first year academic scholarship at DePaul University in Lincoln Park, Gonzalez finished his academic training at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Finance in 2008. He then found himself working at the University of Illinois as an accountant for the University's College of Architecture. 

In 2009, Gonzalez was recruited by top-notch Wall Street Investment Firm Morgan Stanley- Smith Barney, working in global finance for one of the Nation's and the State of Illinois' top-ten highest ranked, highly-respected retirement planning consulting groups that managed an excess of $2B in assets. Gonzalez helped provide top private and governmental institutions and ultra-high net-worth individuals with complex asset management and tax planning solutions. 

In 2010, Gonzalez decided to join JPMorgan Chase Bank, one of the Nation's largest asset management firms, as an investment-licensed banker in Chicago's North Shore area.  There, he helped his high net-worth clients, composed of individuals and institutions with up to $5M in assets, with enhancing their financial portfolios and outcomes by carefully analyzing their financial portfolios and providing them with complex investment, insurance, financing and banking solutions. 

By 2012, Gonzalez saw the need to provide his clients with a full picture of their tax implications to specific investment recommendations. After becoming certified through the IRS to prepare business and individual tax returns, he supervised a group of accountants and provided professional tax advise and services, as a Tax Manager for an affluent H&R Block tax office. 

In 2013, Gonzalez was asked in joining and helping a top-notch, boutique retirement planning and investment firm in the northwest suburbs, as a financial analyst and ERISA consultant. Gonzalez was managing institutional investment assets of $60M+, providing high-level investment solutions to institutional clients and their retirement plans, such as: enhancing Plan-level outcomes through plan and strategy design, reducing Plan-level costs via Plan benchmark fee analysis, quarterly investment monitoring and prudent expert advise, and educating participants to increase Plan-level efficiency for the passing of ERISA's non-discriminatory-testing for auditing purposes. 


Gonzalez' first-hand experience with the 2008-2009 financial meltdown, led him to take the narrow way of raising the bar of professional commitment and fiduciary responsibility of advisers to their clients/investors to the highest level; because, no client, whether large or small, deserves to have inadequate advise or be under-served by their advisers. 

By the establishment of GLOBAL TAX & FINANCE SOLUTIONS in November 2013, our firm is able to provide institutions and individuals, large or small, with undeniable access to trusted, tactical and transparent advisers.  Our clients receive world-class investment and tax expertise, employed at elite Wall Street investment firms, highly-respected boutique retirement planning firms, and international accounting firms, usually reserved for certain clients with certain required account minimums. Best of all, we put our clients' interest before our own.